Spring til indhold

Rönneby, Sweden

29th and 30th August 2017

29th of August

Upstart project meeting, at Ronneby Kunskapskälla (the study lab)

- Welcome (Erica Hallberg, Ronneby Kunskapskälla)
- Summary – so far in the project (Emil Erichsen)

Reconciliation – what´s our strategic mediation like up til now (Sweden, Denmark, Island, Finland)

Presentation of ”Semaforen” (Thomas Lundberg)

Workshop – how can we develop the strategic mediation (Jerry Engström)

Workshop summary (ca 30 minutes) (Jerry Engström)

Dinner at the hotel Ronneby Brunn

30th of August

The study lab, from the view of politicians in Ronneby

(Jan-Erik Wildros, Lennarth Förberg)

NLCI – what have we learned and will bring back home, next step, preparations for the next meeting, setting dates (moderated by Jørgen Grubbe)

Documents from the workshop

Mediation in Holbæk


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