Spring til indhold

Reykjanesbaer, Iceland

4th and 5th April 2018

4th of April

MSS, who are we and what do we do?

Partners presentations

- How do we see the theme? and how do we work with it?
- What is difficult for us?
- Which 2-4 questions do we hope to get input on through the discussions on the workshop?

MSS, marketing work and experience (by Smári Þorbjörnsson, project manager at MSS.)

Workshop; Targeting new users
(by Þóranna Kristín Jónsdóttir, marketing polymath with a varied background in marketing strategy, branding and advertising)

5th of April

Emil Erichsen - a quick tour through the projects themes


- What do we take from the workshop?
- Final conference, details and arrangements

 Documents from the workshop

Targeting new users from Holbæk


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