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NYA VÄGAR is a collaboration project that seeks to develop and assure sustainable quality models for how universities around the country, in cooperation with the municipalities, can supply education for lifelong learning in places far away from universities and university colleges.

The conference took place on May 16th and 17th 2018 in Västervik, Sweden. Among many others the partners participated on the conference and the project performed a workshop hosted by Emil Erichsen. The partners of the project participated at the conference as a part of the dissemination of the project.

The workshop focused on the challenges that was connected with starting a new learning center and how to keep it running after the first period of time. The workshop started with a presentation of the project, both by facts about the project and how the partners had worked with the four themes during the projects lifetime. The second part of the workshop was the actual workshop. The participants had to chose between 4 questions to work with - each connected to one of the four themes. They then had to come up with as many answers/ideas as possible to the given question. After that the participants were asked to categorize their ideas. This gives a great view of the overall challenges and areas to focus on when establishing a learning center from the idea to a finished product.

Slideshow from Emil Erichsen's workshop


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'NYA VÄGAR' conference

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