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Targeting new users

How can learning centres target new groups of users to uphold a sustainable business model?

Thinking in new user groups for learning centres is a key ingredient in upholding a sustainable business model. Successful experiences in Iceland with target groups of a certain age, language difficulties or with few ICT-qualifications highlight the potential of targeting new groups of users in distance learning.


  • It is important that local learning center can reach other types of students and encourage others to start and finish an education. It is just not the purpose to move the geographical uptake. The education and the teaching methods must be organized in a way that encourages more types of different students through education. This also means you must look at the whole thing with food chains or see it as something different – not just a marketing strategy, but an effort to build bridges in cooperation with schools, employment centers, business life etc. A better transition program goes together with “mobilizing the community”. A large campus only needs to promote their own educations. In a local learning center you need to create awareness about the opportunities, because the citizens don’t just assume that it is even a possibility. If a local learning center can help to get new and more students through education you don’t only solve a local problem, but also a national general problem. Therefore, a local learning center is a good supplement in our education system.

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