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New ways of learning

How can teaching and learning in a learning center context be (re)designed to maximize the students’ learning experiences and learning outcomes?

While learning centers render it possible for students in remote areas to study without the discomfort of having to commute long distances; it challenges the established roles of students and teachers. In Denmark, University College Absalon has a yearlong research program dedicated to developing ways in which settings like these can maintain learning experiences of the highest quality.


  • Factors that is essential to the learning process at a learning center are: flexibility, well-being, facilities, support, purpose with the studies and platforms. Working with these factors gave the different partners food for thought. For example, in Sweden where the new ideas were to move to other premises where the personnel are more present to create a sense of belonging. It is also a possibility to think post-graduate courses together with regular education to create volume, but also to create a better connection to the practice field. At the same time, it is a challenge for the teachers to educate both experienced and inexperienced students, but there is also a potential in that combination.
  • It is important to make the students engage and find a meaningful relation to the online studies. For example, our Finnish partner has offered their students phenomenon-based learning modules at both online high school and basic education. During the NLCI project these modules have been designed and developed to meet society’s and business life’s needs for 21st century skills and lifelong learning competences. While exploring the phenomenon in hand, a student has a chance to practice the skills necessary for further life. A local learning center more has the potential to create a closer connection to the practice field than e.g. a large campus where the culture is more to collaborate with others internally in the same organization and not with the outside world. Flipped learning and the evolution of technology makes it easier to create potential for local learning center and is a development that has already happened – not because of local learning centers, but because the educational system has changed its needs and opportunities.

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