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Mobilizing the community

How can learning centres become anchored in the local community to increase students intake and strengthen political support?

There is always a wide variety of groups that will not be served by local physical learning spaces. How can we organize learning centers that support learning for these groups? How can the online learning centers and local learning centers support each other to thrive?


  • In addition to offering education a local learning center could offer knowledge, lectures and streaming of lectures from far away universities. This can perhaps ensure that the local community becomes aware that there is an opportunity to gain knowledge at the local learning center. This way when they someday find a need for post-graduate courses, or similar, it is known that it is possible at the local learning center. “Mobilizing the community” starts with a common understanding of the challenge and to set an agenda that clarifies that we stand in front of a challenge that needs to be solved together. The companies must be a part of the solution and not just as customers. That way you can better work with getting others to talk about the challenges instead of trying to offer a final solution.
  • It is also important to have the understanding that no one else comes and solves it for us. It is a local challenge that needs to be solved locally. It is knowing that different parties have parts of the solution – the business life can’t solve it alone; the educational institutions can’t solve it alone and the municipality can’t solve it alone - a common effort is necessary.

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