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Otavan Opisto

The partner organisation from Finland.

Located in the heart of the Lakeland district of eastern Finland, Otava Folk High School has served students from near and afar for over 120 years. Folk high schools are learning institutions where one can broaden one's horizons, social insights as well as get more confidence in oneself. Learning is a lifelong process. Diversity is one area where we draw many of our strengths.

The education-for-all ideal is linked to our Nordic welfare state values. Everyone in our society has the right and opportunity during their lifetime to study and receive quality education. At Otava Folk High School adults can major as well in music (band) as well as enroll in a number of other courses. Our visual arts classes are especially popular in the summertime. 

Otava Folk High School is actively applying phenomena based teaching and learning. This pedagogical tool aims to expand the student's knowledge outside of the classroom.


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Otavan Opisto

Innovation workshop about 'Mobilizing the community'

The third Innovation Workshop was held in Mikkeli, Finland. Here the partners were introduced to the Finnish school system and learned how the municipality of Mikkeli had handled the challenge of 'Mobilizing the community'.

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