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Holbæk Municipality

The partner organisation from Denmark.

Holbæk Municipality is located in the North-West of Zealand with approximately 71.000 citizens. The largest city in the municipality is Holbæk.

Holbæk Municipality decided in 2016 to establish a local education- and studycenter, inspired e.g. the swedish experiences with providing education locally, to the local businesslife and the local workplaces. 

It is a place where the municipality will make the framework available and targeted attract relevant educations, that is not otherwise provided in the North-West Zealand - but without the education providers having to establish an actual campus in Holbæk. 

As a result of this project the education- and studycenter (HUSC) has had approximately 100 students on various post-graduate courses and 67 individual students using it for group work or a quiet place to focus. By september 2018 the University College Absalon has established the Science in Nursing-education in Holbæk with a class of 30 students to begin with and 26 more that starts in January.


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Louise Neubert Eskildsen

Holbæk Education- and Studycenter

Holbæk Municipality

Innovation workshop about 'Strategic mediation'

The kick-off workshop took place in Holbæk, Denmark. The theme of the days was both to get to know each other and to start working with the first theme 'Strategic mediation'. You can learn more about the first Innovation Workshop in the project and how the partners worked with the theme!

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