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University College Absalon

The University College Absalon is one of the seven university colleges that was established in August 2007. We have 750 employees, 8,500 full-time students and 3,500 in continuing education.

The University College Absalon targets to enhance the education area throughout the entire Region Zealand.

Our programs are located within the pedagogue-, social-, health- and teaching fields. They are closely linked to a practical reality, as we are closely tied to the professions we train - both through internships and in the development of the content of the programs. It is important for us to educate professionally qualified and socially competent people who can guarantee high standards in both the public and private sectors.

At the University College Absalon we emphasize high professionalism, living study environment and international horizons. Our goal is to enhance the quality of higher education, increase professionalization and specialization, make our education visible in the region and increase interaction with key regional, national and international players.


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Louise Neubert Eskildsen

University College Absalon

What is a Learning Center?

One of the tasks in the project was for University College Absalon to define what a learning center is and map the various types of learning centers that exist today.

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